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Get to know about the Sumz Brand

"Sumz" means something of high quality, obtained after value addition.

Company Background

Founded in 2010 by Mr Dennis Ngabirano – a professional teacher and counselling psychologist.

As a requirement for his graduate studies at St. Lawrence University Dennis was compulsorily required to come up with a business idea and develop a complete business plan for it. Initially, Dennis thought of goat rearing and actually came up with a name – Ngabi Stock Farm, which was abandoned when the supervisor insisted on the implementation of the business idea and on the realisation that Ngabi stock farm was a capital intensive idea.

Dennis got united in holy matrimony to his longtime fiancée – Maureen, before finishing his course and had their honeymoon in the Kenyan coastal city – Mombasa. On a tour of Fort Jesus, the couple spotted a local preparing raw banana chips by the roadside. Owing to their inquisitive nature, they bought and tasted some of them, and Voila.. a fresh business idea was born. A business model not dissimilar to what they had just witnessed was developed with the input of choice being ripe plantain (Musa Paradisiaca) or as locally known – Gonja

This motivated him as he hadn’t seen a similar business in Uganda. With determination and zeal he went on to complete his research project and in there saw an opportunity to supplement his meagre earnings, - we all know how teachers are paid in Uganda. Armed with a ‘hefty’ $12 and kitchenware principally from their wedding gifts, he took a decision to abandon the Ngabi Stock farm idea and in 2010 started processing crisps from the verandah of their rented home.

Dennis set out to horn his research project by submitting a new business plan based on the production of Gonja crisps which his supervisor graciously approved. His crisps were initially vended at the university canteen as well as a few retail shops around Nansana and the response from their customers was encouraging. A year later, they added two crisps products to their portfolio (Potato – Solanum tuberosum, Yam – Colocasia esculenta) and later extruded snacks.

Four years into the business, Dennis dropped his teaching profession to concentrate on nurturing and developing of their business.

From the humble beginnings, Psalms Food Industries Ltd has risen an award-winning company with an over 20 product portfolio under the brand – SUMZ. Distributed across the region in supermarkets as well as the regular corner shops.

With a workforce of more than 150 strong men & women, working with a chain of cooperatives and an ever-growing list of service providers in the food value chain, We are a recognised taxpayer and involved in several corporate Social responsibility causes – We are responsible citizens.

Our employees are groomed for career development, through our stimulating, challenging and rewarding work environment which creates opportunities for professional and personal development.

From a few shops in Nansana to the wider East African Community and indeed COMESA member states, we continue to spread our wings far and wide.

In all that we do, the quality of our products is keenly monitored and strictly adhered to, hence the carrying of the Uganda National Bureau of standards seal of approval – The Q Mark, as well as the Uganda Halal Bureau of standards approval.

Our core values of Innovation, Quality, Customercare and Teamwork anchor our very existence and guide us in all that we do.

We believe our pricing is competitive to ensure value for money and this is well aligned with our value preposition "A healthy, good quality and affordable choice". We continue to build a strong and powerful brand in the snacks business which has led to recognition and several awards from far and wide.

We take great care to ensure food safety through automation of processesin a clean work environment.


To be the Market leaders in production of quality foods and Snacks in Africa.


To ensure customer satisfaction in food and snacks by creating memorable moments in every household

Core Values


We are diligent in the work we do to ensure that we provide the best taste, best range of products, packaging and customer experience amongst others.

Taste the difference!


At PFIL we are committed to serve our stakeholders with speed and agility to respond to and/or resolve issues they present to us so that their businesses and our mutually benefit in win-win relationships.

We are responsive to the needs of the communities in the immediate vicinity of the factories. We are committed to giving back through jobs and other social-economic benefits to communities, households and individuals.


We do what we say. We keep our promises to our stakeholders and go the extra mile to do so.


We are committed to improving the quality of our products and services, exploring and keeping up with the tastes of our customers, technologies and service delivery.

Organisation Structure